Denver PrideFest: Information for People with Disabilities

Denver PrideFest recognizes the disability rights movement and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a part of our larger civil rights tradition, and strives to celebrates diversity and include all members of our community. In accordance with the ADA, Denver PrideFest seeks to provide “the same goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations” to all individuals. No discrimination may be made on the basis of disability in areas of programs, services, or activities.

Barriers to Accessibility

Please keep in mind that Civic Center Park officially opened in 1919. As an historic park, access for people with disabilities can be challenging. We offer this map to assist people in identifying where stairs are and alternative routes to ensure that all our guests can enjoy the festival. If you encounter difficulty accessing a particular area of the festival, please notify staff at the Center Information Booth and we will do our best to assist.

Additional on-site disability information can be found at The Center on Colfax’s Information Booth, located in the center of the park at the end of Sponsor Row near the Transgender Oasis. This includes:

  • Location of accessible toilet facilities (there are 11 accessible portable toilets in the park, with at least one in each row of portable toilets)
  • Large-print and Braille festival materials
  • Accessibility map of festival
  • Access to American Sign Language interpreters team

The Center’s staff and volunteers work to make sure that all entrance and exit gates are accessible for people with disabilities.

RTD Access: Nearest station that is accessible is Civic Center Station

Designated ADA Accessibility Section at Center Stage

For guests using wheelchairs or who need to be in close proximity to the stage for an unobstructed view of Center Stage, an ADA accessibility section is reserved on the right side of the stage.

Two large tents and folding chairs are available in this section.

Each attendee is allowed to bring two-able bodied friends into the seating area. Able-bodied friends should prioritize our guests with disabilities as needed.

To get to the seating area, start at the corner of Broadway & 14th. Walk or roll into the park and take the sidewalk that goes west and you will find the accessible seating on your left. If you reach the stairs, you have gone too far.

ASL Interpreters

ASL interpreters are at all stages in the festival and all speaking engagements at the State Capitol. If an ASL interpreter is required, please request an interpreter at The Center Information Booth and an interpreter will be called by radio to assist.

  • Performances that include this icon will be interpreted for the deaf.
  • ASL Interpretation will also be available in the accessible seating area at the Coors Light Denver Pride Parade. The accessible seating area is located next to the State Capitol along Colfax Ave., from Sherman St. to Grant St. Click here to learn more about the accessible parade viewing area. 

Emergency Communications

In the event an individual with disabilities has an emergency, onsite medical services are trained in addressing communication assistance needs. If ASL interpretation is needed in an individual emergency, the festival’s Production Safety Manager will respond and coordinate any such request.

In the event of a festival-wide emergency, such as an evacuation, all event staff and volunteers must keep in mind the needs of individuals with disabilities. ASL interpreters will already be deployed to all stage areas and will assist in communicating any emergency announcements. All interpreters at the festival are volunteers and are required to be appropriately qualified for effective communication with members of the deaf community.