Choosing the 2018 Denver PrideFest Theme

January 4th, 2018|PrideFest News|

Note: Voting for the 2018 Denver PrideFest theme has been completed and “Say it Loud, Say it Proud” is the official theme for this year! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for voting on next year’s theme.

Community members are currently voting to select the theme for Denver PrideFest 2018. “We need a theme that reflects the times we’re living in,” said VP of Communications Rex Fuller. “The LGBT community is currently living in challenging times where many of the advances of recent years are under threat.”

At the same time, Fuller noted that political activism is increasing and many communities are stepping up to make their voices heard. During 2017, the committee witnessed dynamic activism with events such as the Women’s March, the NFL Black Lives Matter protests, and many protests around immigration issues. “We hope to stand in solidarity with other organizations who are making their voices heard.”

Three potential themes are under consideration:

  • “Dream Proud”: The LGBT community has made the advances it has because of the willingness to dream big and strive for goals that for earlier generations might have been thought unachievable. “Dream Proud” encourages our community to continue that dream for future generations.
  • “Keep The Dream Alive”: This theme urges today’s generation to remember those achievements of earlier generations and take the actions necessary to make sure a vision for a more equitable community does not disappear.
  • “Say It Loud, Say It Proud”: A call to activism for a new generation, this theme encourages all community members to make their voices heard. This theme encourages everyone in the community to be themselves and to be proud of their achievements.