Coors Light Denver Pride Parade: 2020 Entry Application

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Deadlines & Fees

DEADLINE: May 1, 2020
$75 Late Fee After Deadline

Nonprofit Organizations

Submit Verification of Nonprofit Status
You must verify your organization’s nonprofit status to receive the nonprofit entry rate.

Student Groups

Request Student Group Discount Code
Student Groups may receive a discounted registration rate of $50 with discount code.

Applications are due by May 1, 2020, including verification of nonprofit status, if applicable. Entries received after the May 1, 2020 deadline will be subject to a $75 late fee and placed in the parade at the parade organizer’s discretion.

*Please note this deadline is based on availability. Applications will no longer be accepted for safety reasons once the parade is at capacity. We encourage you to apply early as this event sells out each year.



Read these rules carefully. As the group contact for the parade, you are responsible for sharing this Information with your group. Additional rules and/or regulations may be added at any time up until parade setup for the safety of all parade participants. Should new rules be instated, units will be notified in writing via email.

Thank you for applying for the 2020 Coors Light Denver Pride Parade. Please read this document carefully and keep a copy for your records. By submitting an application and paying the entry fee, you are agreeing to be bound by these rules while participating in the parade. These rules are created to ensure the smooth operation, safety and fair treatment of all parade participants and community members. The Coors Light Denver Pride Parade is produced by the Center on Colfax. Proceeds from the parade go to support The Center and its year-round programs supporting the Colorado LGBTQ community. Denver Pride and Denver PrideFest are trademarks of The Center on Colfax. The Center holds the right to accept or refuse any entry for any reason whatsoever. Violation of any of these rules is reason to expel a parade entry from the parade and may result in the forfeiture of all fees.

Please note that MillerCoors Brewing Company is our official malt beverage sponsor and has been a strong and consistent ally to The Center. Accordingly, please be respectful in your display of competing malt beverage text and logos. All units are subject to approval by parade management. The Center reserves the right to remove signage/text/logos and/or the unit for non-compliance with respect to all sponsors.


Coors Light Denver Pride Parade participants, Denver PrideFest exhibitors, vendors, contractors, sponsors, staff, volunteers, and all personnel associated with the parade and festival agree at all times to honor and abide by the following statement of non-discrimination in word and action:

All persons associated with Denver Pride and Denver PrideFest will provide service to individuals without regard to an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, HIV/AIDS status, race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, gender, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, military status, veteran status, citizenship or any other protected classification in accordance with state, federal, and municipal laws.

Anyone associated with the parade and festival, or their employees or associates in violation of this agreement will be asked to leave the festival grounds immediately and will forfeit all entry fees, rental fees, sponsorship fees, and deposits as applicable. Additionally, any actions taken or statements made to individuals or groups contrary to this policy or the spirit and intention of the this policy are not permitted in the parade or on the festival grounds, or in any communication associated with the parade or festival.


All persons associated with Denver Pride, Denver PrideFest, and the Coors Light Denver Pride Parade agree:

  • To interact with guests, staff, volunteers, and all persons associated with the festival or parade in a respectful manner at all times and in accordance with the non-discrimination policy agreement;
  • Not to use alcohol, marijuana, or other controlled substances while participating in any capacity with the festival or parade, and remain free from the influence of such substances while participating in any capacity with the festival;
  • To be suitably and appropriately attired at all times, and to maintain acceptable personal hygiene;
  • Not to engage in any behavior that is determined to threaten the safety of anyone participating in the festival or parade in any capacity, nor to engage in any behavior that is disruptive or interferes with the right of anyone associated with the festival or parade to conduct appropriate business or freely enjoy the festival;
  • To represent the festival and parade in a positive manner at all times.


The sidewalk areas along the parade route are open to everyone. Only registered parade participants, the parade operations team, and safety officials can be on the street during the run of the parade. Upon acceptance and closer to the parade date, parade entrants will receive additional information pertaining to the parade, including staging arrival times. The parade will leave Cheesman Park down Franklin at 9:30 a.m. and proceed down Colfax Avenue to Downtown Denver’s Civic Center park area, the site of Denver PrideFest. Vehicles will exit the parade route by turning right on Lincoln Street and heading north. Marching units will exit left at Lincoln Street towards the State Capitol. Directional signs and volunteers will direct you. Vehicles may only stop long enough to quickly unload passengers and then must quickly exit the route.  Vehicle will be the responsibility of the driver/owner once on Lincoln as no storage area will be provided for vehicles post parade.


A representative from each parade entry/unit MUST attend one meeting for their entry to be included in the parade. Only applicants outside a 50-mile radius of Denver are exempt from attending this meeting. Non-compliance results in removal from the parade and forfeiture of entry fee(s). All meetings will be held at The Center on Colfax, 1301 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80218.

A representative from each parade entry/unit MUST ATTEND ONE of the following meetings:

  • Monday, June 1, 2020 at 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 6:00pm
  • Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 11:00am
  • Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 11:00am
  • Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 6:00pm


All floats and vehicles must be able to safely navigate all turns of the parade route. Denver Fire Department (DFD) will be onsite in the staging area and will have final word on vehicle/float safety. If DFD deems a vehicle or float to be unsafe, the vehicle/float will not be allowed to enter the parade route and may be required to stay in the parade staging area until all other units have entered the parade route.

Marching units may choose to include Add-On vehicle(s)/float. Entries may include up to 3 vehicles, but each registration is limited to a maximum of 2 Standard Vehicles accompanied by either 1 Large Vehicle OR 1 Float. Options and potential combinations for Vehicle(s)/Float include:

  • 1 Standard Vehicle: Defined as any vehicle not exceeding 20 feet in length. Allowed to combine Add-Ons with 1 Large Vehicle OR 1 Float. May not combine with 2 Standard Vehicles.
  • 2 Standard Vehicles: Defined as any vehicle not exceeding 20 feet in length. Allowed to combine Add-Ons with 1 Large Vehicle OR 1 Float. May not combine with 1 Standard Vehicle.
  • 1 Large Vehicle: Defined as any vehicle longer than 20 feet in length, are limited to 40 feet in length, and cannot have an additional trailer attached. Allowed to combine Add-Ons with 1 OR 2 Standard Vehicles. May not combine with float.
  • 1 Float: Limited to 40 feet in length. Max width and height is 16 feet. Wheelbase may not exceed 12 feet. Allowed to combine Add-Ons with 1 OR 2 Standard Vehicles. May not combine with float.

Vehicles and floats must be the same as listed on the parade application. Any vehicles that exceed or do not conform to the unit’s application will be removed from the parade and potentially deny the entrant participation in future parades. All entries are subject to crowd control and regulation by the Denver Police Department.


All drivers of parade unit vehicles and floats will be required to submit a copy of the driver’s drivers license, insurance, and contact information. More information will be sent out once your application is accepted, but parade managements recommends bringing these documents to the parade staging meeting that your unit attends. Vehicles and floats that do not have driver’s information on file with parade management will not be allowed to enter the parade route for safety reasons.


  • Corporate Entry: Defined as a company with 100+ employees, including employee resource groups or internal organizations.
  • Commercial Entry: Defined as a locally owned company with fewer than 100 employees.
  • Political Entry: Defined as any political party, elected official or political candidate campaigning for office.
  • Nonprofit Entry: Defined as a nonprofit charitable organization or government agency as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (requires verification).
  • Student Group Entry: Defined as a student group, club, organization, etc. that is part of a school or educational institution.

Student Groups may request a discount code to decrease entry fee.


Participants in the Coors Light Denver Pride Parade shall indemnify and hold harmless Denver PrideFest, the GLBT Community Center of Colorado The Center on Colfax, and MillerCoors Brewing Company as well as Center board members, Center employees, Denver Pride contractors and volunteers from any claim or cause of action arising out of or in connection with the acts or omissions of Parade Participant under this Agreement, and shall reimburse Denver Pride and The Center on Colfax for any costs, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in defense against any such claim. All Coors Light Denver Pride Parade participants who use vehicles are required to hold a valid driver’s license and driver’s insurance as required by Colorado Law.


The Center and Denver Pride encourage floats, vehicles, motorcycles and marching units. Individual bicycles, roller skates, roller blades and skateboards will not be accepted as entries in the parade.  Any entry wishing to use such modes of transportation must meet additional requirements of the parade committee. (You must contact the parade committee directly for additional safety restrictions if using individual bicycles, roller skates, roller blades or skateboards and receive written approval.)

Animals generally are not allowed in the parade for their comfort and safety. ADA-certified service animals are exempt from this rule. If you have an entry that includes animals that you would like considered, please email Carol Hiller, Denver PrideFest Operations Manager, at with information regarding your unit and past parade experience before completing the application. If accepted, these units may need to meet additional requirements.


It is the express purpose of Coors Light Denver Pride Parade to promote a positive image of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. It is to be a celebration of the work that started with the Stonewall Uprising in New York City in 1969 and which continues today. It is a time for all elements of our community to come together as one group to honor and learn from the past while affirming our future. The Center requests all people entering the parade show respect for all genders, gender identities, ages, races, cultures, creeds and sexual orientations. Please refrain from any displays or behaviors that would demean any segment of our community. The Center urges all entrants to maintain a high degree of sensitivity to and compassion for the feelings, values and views of all.


The Center encourages all participants to appear in appropriate costumes that celebrate our community pride. Unity is always the object of the parade and no entry, presentation or display that is determined to be demeaning to any sector of our community will be accepted in the parade. Denver Pride officials are the sole arbiters of any dispute over content of floats and/or apparel.

The Committee reminds all participants that all costumes and other apparel worn in the Coors Light Denver Pride Parade must comply with the Obscenity Statues of the State of Colorado (C.R.S. sections 18-7-301 and 302) and the Public Decency Ordinances of the City and County of Denver (Denver Municipal Code sections 38-156 and 157).


Parade line-up will begin at 7:30am on Sunday, June 21, 2020 in Cheesman Park. All entrances to the park will be closed at 6:30am excluding the entrance at 11th Avenue. Sign-in will take place at the 11th Avenue and Race Street entrance to Cheesman Park. Those entrants placed at the beginning of the parade are asked to arrive first and those placed towards the back, later. A specific window of time for your unit’s arrival will be determined after all applications are received and announced at the mandatory meetings. All entries MUST be signed-in, in order and ready to march at 9:30am. Failure to check in by 9:30am on parade day will result in removal from the parade order or placement at the end. Step-off will be at 9:30 am PROMPTLY!


The parade line up, the order of entries, will be determined after the entry deadline in accordance with Denver Pride procedures. Entries received after May 1, 2020, if accepted, will automatically be placed at the end of the parade.


The parade will exit the staging area at Cheesman Park at Franklin Street, proceed north to Colfax Avenue, turn west (left) onto Colfax and continue to Lincoln Street. The parade ends at Lincoln Street. Motorized vehicles will turn right/north at Lincoln and exit the parade. Marching units will turn left/south towards 14th Avenue and exit the parade. Volunteers at the parade end will help direct motor and foot traffic. Parade units are officially done with the parade once they have turned onto Lincoln. Vehicle will be the responsibility of the driver/owner once on Lincoln as no storage area will be provided for vehicles post parade.


Each parade contingency will be given wristbands for the numbers of marchers they signed up for per their application. Wristbands will correspond to your parade unit number and section. It is important that all of your unit’s participants are wearing their wristbands in staging and on the route, as those without wristbands will be removed from the parade route by parade safety officials.


It is highly recommended that all participants in the parade conduct themselves in such a manner as to promote pride in being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. No participant may use profanity, obscene gestures, or other improper conduct towards another participant, volunteer, parade official or spectator of the parade. Denver Pride Parade participants are required to stay in their designated order. No “jumping” or crowding of other entrants will be allowed. All parade participants must follow directions by parade management or law enforcement during staging and along the parade route.


No participant in the parade will be permitted to consume any alcoholic beverage, marijuana or other substances at the assembly site, on the route, or at the exit site of the parade. Use of illegal or controlled substances will not be permitted by any participant before or during the parade. For public safety reasons, the Center will not permit any entry or participant who violates this rule to appear in the parade. Similarly, those choosing to violate this rule will be subject to the criminal repercussions of their actions, up to and including citation and detention by Denver Police. No alcohol is allowed on any motorized vehicle in the parade. All vehicle drivers must be sober while participating in the parade. Changing the placement of this sentence.


No participant may throw any item from any float or other unit in the parade. THIS INCLUDES BEACH BALLS, WATER PROPELLED FROM SQUIRT GUNS OR OTHER DEVICES. In the event that an entry wishes to make any distribution of an item such as beads, flowers, condoms, or similar items, participants must pay the distribution fee and list such items on their Parade application in advance. Any such distribution must be made in person by persons walking along the parade as part of an officially registered entry. No sexually explicit material may be distributed by any participant in the parade. In order to maintain manageable clean-up costs, it is requested that distributions be kept to an absolute minimum. If you will be distributing items during the parade (including candy), a $100.00 clean-up fee will be assessed. If we find your materials after the parade and you have not paid the fee, you will be assessed a $250.00 clean-up fee and potentially barred from participation in future parades. No confetti, streamers, or other similar types of materials, including glitter, may be thrown or distributed by any parade entry. Please note that you MAY NOT hand out or distribute stickers of any kind along the route.


All entries are encouraged to utilize music and participant enthusiasm as part of the parade. One of the objects of the parade is to get spectators involved in the spirit of the activities. Cheer, clap, chant or do any legal act that will promote enthusiastic response from the spectators.


It will be necessary for each entry to designate a parade contact with whom the parade organizers can coordinate. The parade contact shall be designated on the Parade Participant Information Form Application and no other person will have the authority to represent the entry to parade management. It is required for the parade contact to be present at one of the mandatory meetings, at the assembly site on the day of the parade and with the entry during the parade. Those entries based outside a 50 miles radius that are unable to send the parade contact to a mandatory meeting will be requested to contact the parade management and special arrangements will be made.


Often, the parade will occur during some of the hottest weather we experience annually in Denver. All persons participating in the parade are urged to be careful of heat-related problems. Please be aware of dangers associated with marching and participating in the parade. Bring lots of water or other non-alcoholic liquids for drinking. No dogs or other animals allowed, with the exception of service animals. For their comfort and safety, animals are not allowed in the parade. ADA-certified service dogs/animals are exempt from this rule. The Center cannot and will not assume any responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the parade participants.  NOTE: The parade will be held rain or shine.


The clean-up following the parade is extremely costly. Please do your part to keep costs down. The parade organizers direct that all entrants in the parade will not throw trash, bottles, cans or similar matter from floats, automobiles, walking units, motor vehicles or trucks along the parade route or at the assembly and disassembly areas. Littering violates the criminal statutes of the State of Colorado and the ordinances of the City and County of Denver. Any entry discovered throwing trash or litter at any time will be subject to citation by Denver Police. The City of Denver takes great pride and care in maintaining the city’s parks; thus, it is prohibited for any vehicle to drive on any area not designated for that purpose. Similarly, vandalizing, destroying or wanton disrespect for park facilities, including grass and flower beds and trash receptacles, will not be tolerated and subject to immediate action by Denver Police and fines and/or liability for repair and/or replacement.


As with all rules and regulations, it is impossible to anticipate each and every situation that may arise. No conduct that violates any statute of the State of Colorado or the ordinances of the City of Denver will be tolerated. Any entry violating the same will not be allowed to participate in the parade. Parade management will monitor all entries during the parade for violations and inform the parade contact of the infraction. Failure to correct the infraction will result in the suspension of the entry. Generally, laws are created in accordance with the standards of the community and the propriety of conduct in public. The application of commonsense to any area of concern will most times provide an appropriate and legal answer.


The decisions rendered by the Denver PrideFest Parade Management, Committee and/or Center staff will be final. Denver Pride maintains the right to refuse any entry or deny any application for any reason whatsoever. All entries must adhere to the Denver Pride Non-Discrimination Policy and Code of Conduct.


By accepting this agreement, participants, vendors, contractors, and sponsors agree to assume responsibility for the behavior of employees or unit on festival and parade grounds associated with the company or organization.

I have read and understand the full 2020 Coors Light Denver Pride Parade Agreement. By submitting this form, Parade Unit acknowledges that: a) Parade Unit has had the opportunity to review and will abide by this Agreement and Parade Rules; b) Parade Unit has had the opportunity to consult with legal counsel if desired; and c) Parade Unit fully understands the terms and conditions set forth herein and agrees to be bound by the same.