Smirnoff DanceWorld: Where the Party Never Stops

It’s  your favorite Denver and national DJs, all in one place. The Smirnoff Dance World is where you’ll find the best beats and magnetic melodies in Civic Center Park.

Located just south of the Seal Pond, Smirnoff DanceWorld is two days of pure, high-energy dance fun. Open to all ages.

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Smirnoff DanceWorld DJ Schedule

Performance schedules for the Smirnoff DanceWorld DJs will be announced closer to the festival date. Subscribe to our newsletter for entertainment updates and audition information.

Smirnoff DanceWorld
Smirnoff DanceWorld

Saturday, June 15

  • 11:00am |  Housewife (Audition Winner)
  • 12:00pm  |  DJ Way High Up (Audition Winner)
  • 1:00pm  |  Anthony Allie (Audition Winner)
  • 2:00am |  VJ Aaron (X-Bar)
  • 3:00pm  |  Sean O’Grady (Triangle)
  • 4:00pm |  Queen Beats (Various)
  • 5:00pm  |  Alyson Calagna
  • 6:00pm  |  Lady Bunny

Sunday, June 16

  • 10:00am |  Dangr (Audition Winner)
  • 11:00am |  Lexi Fey (Audition Winner)
  • 12:00pm  |  DUGAN (Various)
  • 1:00pm |  Craig C. (Trade & Gladys, The Nosy Neighbor)
  • 2:00pm |  Blondetourage (Various)
  • 3:00pm  |  Markie & Brent Milne (Tracks)
  • 4:00pm |  Sinna-G & Sante (MIX 100 & Various)
  • 5:00pmDJ Joe Gauthreaux
Smirnoff DanceWorld
Smirnoff DanceWorld

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