Latin Stage

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Join us Saturday and Sunday at the U.S. Bank Latin Stage at Denver PrideFest. This will be our ninth year with a Latin Stage that is packed with the best in colorful, cultural entertainment from around the country for the entire LGBT community. The stage is located on the main lawn next to the McNichols building in the park, and will have fantastic entertainment throughout the weekend.


  • 11am DJ Chula
  • 11:50am Munoz/Selena
  • 12pm UT Step Team – Dancers
  • 12:15pm Latin Group Dancers
  • 12:30pm Ballet, COCO opening Tahanni
  • 1pm UT Step Team – Dancers
  • 1:15pm Latin Group Dancers
  • 1:30pm Kike Show
  • 2pm DJ Alex Gaytan
  • 2:30pm Sol de mi Tierra y Sangre de Mexico
  • 2:40pm Raquel
  • 3pm Ballet Lupita
  • 3:15pm 6 Degres Xitlali
  • 4pm Zumba by Cheri Castro
  • 4:10pm Park Hill
  • 4:30pm DJ Alex Gaytan
  • 5pm Zecuencia


  • 10:30am DJ Chula
  • 11am UT Step Team Dancers
  • 11:15am Latin Group
  • 11:30am Opening Welcome MC, Tahanny Raii
  • 11:45am Estudio Colombia
  • 12pm UT Step Team
  • 12:15pm Dancer Latin Group
  • 12:30pm DJ Alex Gaytan
  • 1pm Tahanny Raii VIP Show
  • 2pm Sheyla
  • 3pm Yaysh
  • 3:20pm Familia Spanic
  • 4pm Star Vega
  • 4:10pm Colombiana
  • 4:20pm DJ Chula & Fashion Show
  • 5pm James Band