Local Denver-based artist, Lonnie Hanzon, started in the performing arts and fashion design, but is now known around the world for creating major public works of art, immersive entertainment projects, visual merchandising and fine art commissions.

Lonnie has made a career out of being a master storyteller through his art installations. Clients around the world call on Lonnie when they need their story brilliantly told through unexpected, entertaining visuals. He takes a vision and brings it to life in ways that are delightfully unexpected. He has amazed clients from Neiman-Marcus to HGTV to the State of Colorado with his transformative, magical creations.

Today, Lonnie is using his nearly four decades of art experience and his absorbing, all-around-you aesthetic into the experiential realms of immersive theatre. The type of show you literally step into and walk around in.

Annual Pride Collaboration Between The Center on Colfax & Lonnie Hanzon

Stonewall 50: Progress and Reflection is the fifth installment of significant public artworks at Denver PrideFest in Civic Center Park. Past works include Equality Cake (2015), The Orlando Massacre Memorial (2016), The Shrine to Humanity (2017), and Equal Threshold (2018). These large artworks have helped to amplify the image and message of Denver Pridefest. Stonewall 50: Progress and Reflection is a temporal installation that will examine and display significant moments in history and the legacy of the Stonewall riots.

You can support Lonnie’s work through the Hanzon Foundation.